Air Freight

A-LOGIXTIC GROUP, LLC knows the importance of an efficient and cost effective air freight service. We guarantee our customers that their cargo will be moved and delivered at optimal speed and efficiency througth highly recognized international carriers and customs agents.


Our Air freight service includes:

  • Charter aircraft (partial and full airplane load)

  • Air Freight Consolidation service

  • General and hazardous cargo.

  • Door - to-Door Service

  • Direct delivery at competitive rates to all world major airports.

Sea Freight

Our superior Sea Freight Service, through a teamwork with international carriers and agents ensure a hassle-free, cost effective maritime transportation service that meets your needs.


Our Sea freight services includes:

  • Full Container Load (FCL)

  • Roll-on, Roll-off (Ro/Ro)

  • Break-Bulk

  • Hazardous Cargo

Pickup & Shipment

Pickup & Shipment Preparation: We can pick up your cargo from any location and prepare it for packing and shipping.

It is one of the most important aspects in the shipping process. A-Logixtics Group offers complete packing and high-quality packing material that gives your goods the best protection and insulation against all those hazards environment goods are exposed during transit.



A-LOGIXTIC GROUP, LLC counts with a tracking and receiving database to provide to our customers the advantage of monitor and track what is happening with their cargo from the moment it is received at our warehouse till the moment it has been delivered to its final destination.


Our warehouse team will receive your freight and provide accurate weight and dimensions to our freight specialists who will be handle our customers' cargoes. The receiving information will be place available in our database accessible to customers and updated with all the shipping instructions and information related to the cargo from the moment it leave our facilities to the moment it has been delivered to the end user.  

Receiving and tracking of cargo

Sourcing and Procurement

Our professional sourcing and procurement service is focused on businesses traders, contractors, etc who need products manufactured in the United States. Our highly trained staffs who have established a solid and effective relationship with top rated, high quality distributors and manufacturers to guarantee our customers, they will receive the most cost effective deliverables.


Our sourcing and procurement service is aimed at the Oil and Gas, Construction, Auto, Telecomunication Industry and lots more.